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Snake Textured Complete Daily Bag Set

Snake Textured Complete Daily Bag Set

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Fabric texture: PU
Lining texture: polyester
Bag shapes: square vertical section
Opening method: zipper
Bag size: large
pattern: plain
Processing methods: soft surface
Lifting parts: soft handle
Outer bag type: inner patch pocket

A; four-piece red portable black I; Single bag black portable red
B; four-piece black portable red G; Single bag black portable snake print
C; four-piece black portable snake print J; single bag brown all brown
D; four-piece brown all brown K; single bag brown portable red
E; four-piece brown portable red L; Single bag brown portable snake print
F; Four piece brown portable snake print M; stitching black single bag
H; Single bag red portable black N; Black splicing mother and child bag
O; Green splicing mother and child bag

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How To Dry

When drying DO NOT use a hot setting because it may cause shrinkage to certain fabrics, instead use a cool setting or hang dry. Don't forget to add dryer sheets to help reduce static.

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