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PU Leather Cosmetic Bag

PU Leather Cosmetic Bag

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Made with high-quality fake leather, this bag is soft, light, and durable. Its large opening design allows you to easily store all your cosmetics and toiletries, making it ideal for personal travel. The waterproof and washable fabric ensures that you don't have to worry about water splashing on your belongings.
With its customized metal zipper, this cosmetic bag is easy to open and close, providing convenience on the go. The neatly routed wiring showcases our attention to detail. Whether you're going on a business trip, vacation, or outdoor activity, this portable bag is the best choice for all travelers. It can also be used as a toiletry bag, wallet, or fashion-forward cosmetic bag.
The flat design of this makeup bag allows you to see all your makeup at a glance and quickly put it away when you're ready to go out. Its compact size makes it easy to fit in your luggage without taking up much space. This versatile bag is also perfect for picnics or as a bathroom bag.

Product information:
Function: Waterproof
Material: pu

Packing list:

Makeup bag X1

How To Wash

Make sure your clothes are sorted and treat stains. Then wash on a gentle load with a gentle detergent.

Delicate clothes should be washed on the most gentle speed or hand washed.

How To Dry

When drying DO NOT use a hot setting because it may cause shrinkage to certain fabrics, instead use a cool setting or hang dry. Don't forget to add dryer sheets to help reduce static.

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